I'm on eros.com advertising. Check me out. Lots of new vids to come!

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After a hiatus I'll be selling new porn. Free for gold members. Free for only fans members and and for sale through www.extralunchmoney.com/user/desireemcbride click here! On sale 58 vids and 5 dollar customs for 3 days.

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I'll be in south fl. Nov. 22 to 27th

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Guys pulling no shows on me! Or pranking me for outcalls.

I am not stickler for references but for multiple hour calls or outcalls, I'm going to either have to get a PayPal deposit or ask for references. This stuff is consting me money. I don't think it should be a problem. It should just weed out the bad guys.. :-)  Read more

So there's a fucking hurricane coming to new Orleans! Looking to donate and help out in anyway I can!

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So question  of the day... if an escort  gets her period  in the middle of a date, should  the client be refunded? Answer: no. We are paid for our time. Prostitution  is illegal. If you get laid, you are lucky :-) Read more