1/2 price reviews special is back for thurs on hour calls! Im crying asci write this.

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I have haters saying im a tranny.. If you write a review for me ill give u a half price call. If we have already done a call and you will write a review for me on the indy board i will give you a half price call. If you avenge me with sone porn or proof ill also give you a half price call. sad i have to do this but i love my job and money talks. Id do anything for anyone. I hope someone will help me! Read more

Hey guys!!! Specials. So im doing this indi thing.

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The same rates on my site apply to my vips and my indy vips. My snapchat special is off the chain. !And if if u join, ill do vip prices today. Yes for 6.69!. You get 20% off. Im posting more vids today. Yay!!  Read more

sunday funday specials

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Qv for vip 100 reg 120. Horny Jpin my smapchat for 6.99 and ill videochat whenever u like ;-)
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ill be working tomorrow in south fl. happy art basil. who is that faggot?

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Taking Fri off,. but ill be posting some new pics on snapchat and on her for gold members. . remember to sign up to see!!! Read more