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Added on November 16, 2017

Extremel good communicatir. Easy to meet up with Really thought I had found a winner.. she is striking. Left a 2 hour donation, then experienced her spend the entire visit on her phone. Played off all advances. Truly ferl like i was robbed. Its not even the money... just the disappointment, as I thought she was a keeper,
Shawn "big boner" longwood

Added on December 15, 2016

,I called desiree one night and made an appointment to do a webcam session. I'm in the air force so it's kinda hard for me to get pussy because all the chicks where I'm stationed look like dr. Phil. Basically most military women look a lot like Phil and think they know it all too.. it's like stop yapping you dumb fat dr phil looking hoe. So I came across her ad and hit her up. When I saw her on my computer screen it was like instaboner. She is so hot. She was cool. We chatted. Then she got naked and nasty. I mean this chick is flexible and loves her toys. Butt plugs. all kinds of crazy shit. She was cumming all over the place.. squirting and all. I just enjoyed the show. Then I pulled my dick out. She insisted on watching. Said it turned her on which I believe it did because I saw her squirting again while using her double penetrating dildo. So our session ended. I hit her up when I was in fort Lauderdale for a night. She actually came by my hotel and gave me a killer Bj on the house for veterans day. She said she wanted to do her patriotic duty.. Desiree Mcbride is the real deal hollifield of webcam model.

Added on October 30, 2016

WOW. it was definitely woth it to join Desiree s vip membership. Her pictures are so hot!! I then did web chat with her. She was so hot. Had to meet her..I'm a new Orleans native fisherman. It was so refreshing to meet the reel Desiree Mcbride in person. My experiences with escorts have been scams. But she is the real deal... She is very cool. Had fun. Join her gold membership. Do a cam show. and schedule a date. Definitely worth it!!! Her Bbbj is the best I've ever had. I busted quick. But she is a true gfe.. so I got a 2nd chance.. and 3 Rd. Hee hee
Johnny from Louisiana

Added on October 21, 2016

I just finished up with my visit with desiree. I am from baton rouge Louisiana and took the trip down to new Orleans to see her. She was extremely beautiful. Way more natural beauty than most women in this business I've come across. I must admit I was a little intimidated. I was also taken aback by how smart and funny she was. She had me relaxed and feeling just like her boyfriend in 5 minutes. I thought she is really cool and laid back or an Oscar worthy actress. To wrap this up, I'll say I now know she is genuine and cool as shit. After our session, we went to grab some beers and watch the game and I can honestly say I made a friend for life. I will definitely repeat. If not here, I can't wait to visit her in south Florida. Desiree is awesome. She always texts back. Always keeps in touch. I not only had my mind blown in the expected way. I have had my mind blown with surprise about the amazing friend I made. Ill miss u girl.

Added on October 2, 2016

I called up Desiree about a week ahead of my planned trip and it was extremely easy to set schedule a time to come see her. On the day I set up to see her directions were given to my hotel and she arrived promptly looking ravishing just like her photos :) she was dressed very discrete when she arrived but as soon as she entered the room that immediately changed as she dropped her clothes and underneath was some extremely tieenie tiny lingerie which she looked absolutely stunning in!! I already had her donation left out for her in plain view so there was no need to hassle with any thing like that ... she then immediately made me feel as comfortable as if I had known her for some time , and gave me an amazing bbbj right then and there. The way she knew how to use her mouth, her eye contact and dirty talk almost had me ready to explode right then and there, but I composed myself and thank god I did because it just gets better :) I have to say she is the total GFE Experience and all I had to do is tell her what I wanted and she was all in from dfk, datty(which was so tasty :) ) Greek and then the finisher she got it all down the hatch and showed me when it was down, so hot! Anyway hope this helps anyone else looking to see her, just treat her right and you will have time of your life, at least I know I did :)
Sean Glagstone

Added on September 23, 2016

I just got finished with my first session with desiree mcbride. Ive always been a fan and i remember her from when she was a penthouse pet back in 2005!! I went to a signing and met her. She is one and the same. Dont let the name change fool you. Actually its amazing but from 19 yrs old to now she looks sooo much better!! She was sweet as cam be. Very down to earth. Very accomadating. Totally into sex. I mean this girl is not faking. She has never done porn, and is no actress. The real deal! She is going to kill me. She squirts. Lol. Love you desi. See you again soon.
Jeffrey k.

Added on September 19, 2016

I saw Desiree today. Getting in touch was easy. She answered the phone very businesslike but sweet. She text me directions and i was able to see her within an hour. I got to her door and surprise!!! SHE LOOKS EVEN BETTER in real life. I had a wonderful time. She is a great hostess. She is completely gfe. I cant believe how afforfable she is. She confided she wont be discounting for too much longer. She is all about discretion, so i wont go into detail, but i will say i definately will be visiting again.
Robert f.

Added on September 12, 2016

I had s wonderful time with Ms. Mcbride. Sbe puts the G in gfe. Lol.woulf definstely csll again.

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